About Us


ACE PHARMA started its journey with positive thinking, focused approach, innovative ideas & transparency as the hallmark of the beginning of a successful journey, which led to the birth of the organization.

Established in 2008, We have made great strides to become one of the leaders in the healthcare industry by adapting well to the fast-changing needs of the customers. We are not only regarded as one of the most reputable importers and distributors of the top quality products but also for our prompt customer service and most importantly for our strong business ethics.

We believe in practicing, what we preach. Quality, value, and timely responses are the keys to customer satisfaction.

We are supported by a dedicated team of highly qualified and well experienced individuals who are trained very well to understand the entire business process and the needs of the customers. Our human resources will continue to be the most valuable asset in this quest of leadership and the prime driving force for our growth.

We visit abroad, analyse and ensure ourselves about the quality of products, reputation of manufacturers, etc. before we place orders on behalf of our clients.

We constantly search for new drugs and newer technology and bridge a gap between the overseas manufacturers/technocrats with ambitious Indian manufacturers, facilitating the growth of Indian economy in general and welfare of the healthcare in particular.

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